Call me Ozon Nokobi
no! call me Ozon Bron
just call me Ozon
don’t call me at all.

I may be God you fear
so much you revere
or i may be a devil
singing for you a prayer.

Do not call me your friend
your secrets my heart can’t bear
or a stranger-

Please don’t take away my life
from pieces i repair.

Ozon Nokobi, Ozon Bron
Nokobi. Bron. Ozon
I wear so many names.
Ask them if they wear me
for attire’s all i care.

Perhaps don’t ask them
i’ll tell you a better story.

There was a man
Ozon Nokobi
who called for other men
remembered strangers, forgotten friends
you and me, may be.

He said he’s giving them life
who have ceased to be.
not from cemetries, tapered coffins
flesh now fire.
But from what
we have ceased to be
what we could have been.

Life he gave, life he took
from scraps he mended pieces
shaping in a whole
calling it Ozon Nokobi.

© Copyright, Tina Rathore.