they called him aloud


to him they were mute

they wanted to hear

the song of life

but the reeds were laid worn

though spread in harmony

to him they were torn.

they sang to him

in loud voices

melodies tuned


to him it was


is he deaf?

asked one of them.

or we dumb?

-oh! i’m afraid we could be so-

sing sing sing

they sang to make him sing

sing sing sing

they around him in a ring

sing sing sing

sing what we sing

sing sing sing

echoed every ring.

He Sang

they couldn’t hear

He tuned

they called it weird

He Smiled

theu called him mad

He Slept

they said he’s dead.

He Sang when

He Sang

voices of deep burried lands

He Sang the song

Not Theirs

He Sang the Song

that was His Song.