One dewy morn
ten years hence
sipping a cup aof coffee,
happy and contended.
you would think of me
how life would have been
if i were by your side
if only you had travelled
if only you could travel
the road not taken

then, won’t you feel?
a loss that could never heal
a sinking pain of life in vain
if left untravelled
the paths so different
though all same.

One sunny day
ten years hence
walking through the streets
though hurried.
you would search a face
taht speaks your past
now a burried waste.

then won’t you turn?
if you see someone
resembling me; ah! so undone!
won’t you feel?
a feeling of loss
a feeling that had still hung on
a lesser but a burdenrd pain
to know, it is life that lives us
when we in life are drained.

One bright night
ten years hence
strolling past the
well known sands
you would think of me
and where i would be
our togetherness
known only to the silent sea

then won’t it echo
to your ears
our stories, our laughter, our tears
though surrounded by all
won’t you feel alone
not to find me there
but only my imprints.