i know why the caged bird sings
to mesmerize you
enough to loose its strings
of things to conceal
and in her song
“let me fly” she sings.

with her voice so pensive
she calls the passers by
singing in melodious voice
the songs of wide blue sky
the songs-
of seasons dry
the first rain breeze
of hollow barks
straws and leaves.

you look at her
into her eyes
then take so long to decide
is she singing
the songs of freedom
found and lost
lost and found again?
is she singing
the songs of exile
the beauty of lands
farther than home?
isn’t she too meek
for what she seek?

her wings flutter
she wants to fly
in her songs
her victories she recite.
of things to reveal
and in her song
“can i fly?” she sings.