colour this white page of yours
do something to the paper
fill it with colours
think of ink
hide yourself in them.
do something to it
don’t leave it blank
who will measure
the sea that sank
in you,reflected
in this paper
they call blank.
colour this page of yours
they just understand
tha language of colours
colours …bright and dark
they are blind to colours
dull as white
they are blind to colours
bright as white.

To give life to this paper
i paint
i sketch
i write.
blank can no eyes delight.
there is no beauty
like the beauty of a blank page
imagine as much as you can
there is no limit, no cage.
they write
you are lost in words
they paint
you are lost in colours
when they do something to the paper
they lock your imagination
from solid to vapor
there is nothing
as thought-provoking
as a blank paper.
it makes you think
what to do with it
to capture and arrest
their eyes. for everyone
here is like you and me
you glanced at this page
for there was s’thing written
i wrote on this page
for your glance.