I am only
Czeslaw Milosz who would
not have written a single line of poetry
if he could have had Freedom ~ Archana Sahani

In words I find myself
In words I lose myself
I play with words,
they hide, I seek
I hide, they seek
When we are together
We make a poem –
That poem is me.

I’m a poet to begin with, and to end. whatever else I am, I am in-between the two. An academic and Writer by passion and profession, an Eliot Scholar, a dreamer – and more. I write because I need to, words hover about me until they have found a form. Writing is my catharsis, in Joycean terms, an epiphany; It is where I find myself again, and again.

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I am…

… an introvert for those who fail to strike a chord. A babbler for others who wouldn’t know how to get me listening.

… a true Piscean, When it comes to day dreaming. Though i barely believe in zodiac foretelling…yet i always hear them echo my story.

… a dreamer, who keeps dreams to her cocoon. Blemishing them with reality… I doubt they’ll be b’ful anymore!

… an escapist who has her own world, b’ful than dreams.

I Have…

Ambition, passion, enough grey matter to get my way through, an unflinching belief in myself, loving family, friends who care unconditionally….

I Want…

Wings to fly, heart to conquer – my world, passion to achieve what’s in my reach and wisdom to know what’s not, to capture every moment in my words, to write a bestseller 🙂

I believe…

… In being myself, however imperfect I might be! In fact I love being imperfect. I agree with Wallace Stevens when he says – “Perfection is death”.

I think…

“In small proportions we just beauties see, in small measures life can perfect be.” – Thomas Gray

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I.C.G. University of Rajasthan. Jaipur, India.

I.P. University of Delhi, Delhi, India.

Vdjs, Hissar, Haryana, India.

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