You may call me
Jeet Jussalwala
or if you like
just say J

ya, but, yes, i know
the other day
someone called me
Edul Wara
I responded
yes i did
I am Edul wara

When I was young
a child
mother called me
Ed. Father had
no taste
for small things
so he preferred
lata ki chitiyya rani

My brother
the eldest
called me Jo
my sister Jijo

My friends
at school
in neighbourhood
called me

When I was young
a teenager
the boys at the nukkad
called me
with a whistle

I was married
into a family
where names were

one day
my husband called me
Neelanjana Saurahstria
names were changed
for horoscope matching
hardly did i know

Wherever I go
people bother me
asking my name
I do not know
which one.

© Copyright, Tina Rathore