Who says creative writing  doesn’t have a market? Fine you can’t earn your living being a poet but sure there are a lot more opportunities that can come your way, and a bit of money. I came across these few sites that pay really well with every poem/ flash fiction/ book review selected for publication. Though the number of such sites/ publications are few as compared to the flooded non-fiction market, also, creative writing does not offer much when you go for freelance writing yet if you are among those who love writing poetry, fiction and would even love better to have them published and earn a few bucks with it, check out these few sites.

Pedestal magazine

Accepts almost all the genres: Poetry, Fiction, Flash Fiction, Book The Pedestal MagazineReviews, Interviews, Slam, spoken word, poetry with music, and performance poetry.

Pay Rate: $40 per poem, Pay Rate: $.08 per word Length: up to 4,200 words for Fiction, Pay Rate: $.08 per word, Length: up to 1,000 words for Flash Fiction, Pay Rate: $.02 per word, Length: 850-1,000 words for Book Reviews, Pay Rate: $10 per track for Slam and other genres. Check out Submission Guidelines.

Riddle Fencefeature_riddle_more2

Riddle Fence accepts previously unpublished poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and reviews for publication. Upto 3-4 poems or 1 piece of prose, maximum 5000 words in length can be submitted at once.

Pay Rate: $30 per printed page (prose and poetry). Accepts only snail mail submissions. Read Submission Guidelines.

Vestral Review The Vestral Review

Accepts only flash (short-shorts) fiction. It says “In our definition, a flash story is no longer than 500 words and it has a plot. If it’s longer than 500 words and/or has no plot, we are not interested. The reading periods of this magazine are February-May and August-November. No submissions are accepted in the month of December, January, June and July.

Pay Rate: Stories up to 100 words (excluding the title)–10 cents a word, Stories between 101 and 200 words–5 cents a word, Stories between 201 and 500 words–3 cents a word, Stories of great merit receive up to $25 flat fee; 3 cents a word is a minimum pay in any case.In addition, every contributor will get one free copy. Read the submission guidelines before submitting your work.
Send your submissions to submissions@vestalreview.net?subject=Submission.

Blue Mountain ArtsThe Blue Mountain arts

Blue Mountain Arts is interested in reviewing writings for publication on greeting cards. They look for highly original and creative submissions on friendship, family, special occasions, positive living, and other topics one person might want to share with another person. Submissions may also be considered for inclusion in book anthologies.

Pay Rate: $300 per poem for all rights to publish it on a greeting card and $50 if your poem is used only in an anthology.


Cappers encourages Free and light verse. Traditional, nature and inspirational poems are purchased. Poems should be  easy to read with down-to-earth themes. Five or six poems are used in each issue. submissions should be limited to batches of 5-6, length 4-16 lines.

Pay rate: $10-$15 per poem on acceptance.
Raed the Submission Guidelines.

Strange Horizonsstrange_horizons

Strange Horizons is a place for you if you can submit high-quality, extraordinary Science Fiction, fantasy, horror, and “slipstream” poetry. It also accepts Fiction, Reviews, articles and art exhibits.


About the kind of Poetry Strange Horizons’ looking for, it explains “We want poems that have some literary depth but aren’t boring; poems that are unusual yet readable; poems that balance inventiveness with traditional structures. We like serious works, as well as poems with wit and humor that don’t collapse into pure silliness.”
Pay rates for new poetry will be $20 per poem.
Email poetry to poetry@strangehorizons.com.

Read Poetry Submission Guidelines.


Read this before submitting “We want good speculative fiction. If your story doesn’t have a clear fantasy or science fiction element, or at least strong speculative-fiction sensibilities, it’s probably not for us.” Strange Horizons is not generally interested in horror (especially stories in which the main goal is to evoke feelings of terror or revulsion in the reader), stories that explain a scientific or technological phenomenon in great detail, stories we see too often, stories with twist endings.

Pay rate:  5 cents/word, with a minimum payment of $50.
Read the Fiction Submission Guidelines before submitting your work.


Non-fiction articles, including: interviews with authors of speculative fiction; articles on aspects of science (such as astronomy, ballistics, artificial intelligence) or technology (historical or futuristic) that would be of interest to readers and writers of speculative fiction; criticism of books, movies, games and any other media relating to speculative fiction and articles on history and culture that relate to speculative fiction.
Pay rate: Pieces in the 2000-5000 word range will be paid at a flat rate of $50.00 per piece. Pieces shorter than 2000 words will normally be unpaid. Pieces longer than 5000 words will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Read the article Submission Guidelines
Art Gallery

The Magazine plainly sets its preferences “We love art that is stylistically distinct while maintaining the essence of speculative fiction. Abstract expressionism, impressionistic, photorealistic, just about any approach, are all considered, provided that the speculative fiction theme is at the core. One theme we are looking for is material that captures the dramatic nature of speculative literature—think about it: alternate realities where magic can yield power similar to potential technological achievements a million years in the future, where a single person can change the outcome of an entire world, or where nature in all her majesty outwits human ingenuity yet again.”
Read the Submission guidelines before submitting your work-


Strange Horizons publishes in-depth reviews of speculative art and entertainment, especially books, films, and television, three times a week.
Pay Rate $20 for reviews of at least 1000 words. Read the Review Submission guidelines before submitting your work.

Jim Baen’s Universe: a professional science fiction and fantasy magazine.Jim Baen's Universe

Pay Rates: For the first 5000 words, we’ll pay 25 cents a word. That comes to $1,250, or the next 5000 words (i.e., from 5-10K), we’ll pay 15 cents a word. That comes to $750, or a cumulative payment of $2000 for a story that was 10K words long., For the next 10,000 words (i.e., from 10-20K), we’ll pay 10 cents a word. That comes to $1000, or a cumulative payment of $3000 for a short novella that was 20K words long, For the next 20,000 words (i.e., from 20-40K), we’ll pay 8 cents a word. That comes to $1600, or a cumulative payment of $4600 for a short novel that was 40K long, Anything longer than that, we’ll pay 6 cents a word.

Read the Submission Guidelines

Please note that Jim Baen’s Universe magazine is not accepting any submissions until 2010.

Poetry Market.


Duotrope’s Digest is a free resource for writers that primarily offers an extensive, searchable database of current fiction and poetry markets. We also offer a calendar of upcoming deadlines, submissions trackers (for registered users), and some nifty reports compiled from the data we’ve accumulated.

Poetry Market at Fiction Factor

Fiction Factor publishes a list of sites, magazines, ezines which are updated periodically.

You can submit articles that offers aspiring writers tips and advice on honing their skills, and helping new authors to break into the publishing field at Fiction Factor. Pay Rate: $5 US via PayPal only for each article accepted and published Read the submission Guidelines

Note: Fiction Factor Does not accept poetry submissions.

Poetry Market at For writers.com

Another site that periodically publishes Poetry market listings. It also has some useful links to writing lessons,techniques, prompts etc.

E Zines

A List of Poetry and Literary magazines, ezines compiled byFrederick Glaysher. Very useful.

Must Read-

PS: Please make sure you read at least one issue of the magazine you submit your work to. This will give you a good idea of the kind of works being published by the magazine. Don’t feel disappointed if your submissions are rejected, you might be at the wrong place.