This might not be the right place to say it, but let it be, I must tell youwp this. I am not very glad to have a blog at wordpress.

I think i would have made a better choice with blogger. why? well, i keep having a lot of problems with formatting here. Lately i discovered all my widgets going awry.

There was a long list of categories column out there, repeated heaven knows how many times. I gave bone good hour fixing my blog to its original but that was not to stay.

Many of my pages went missing for a long period of time and then suddenly surfaced one day. I used to have page titled my library with a link to myLibrarything book catalogue. I lost it long back and haven’t cared to put it back. Off and on i see some widgets added into my blog and it often takes me a lot of time to get my blog to its original shape. Since i am not very good at programming, html and other stuff i choose to leave the matter at wordpress’ will.

I keep my posts as simple as i possibly can. Don’t want to bother myself with missing videos, pictures, tables etc.For one of my posts  inserting a table became a dire necessity. I went all crazy cut pasting the table content keeping the rows and columns in place. When i checked out the support forum, i discovered to my utter disappointment that wordpress doesn’t offer tables insertion into posts. After reading a few similar complaints i set on to find out sites where documents could be uploaded.

rSince i am a member of Redgage, I gave it a try. Hopeless. That’s what came to my mind when i juggled with uploading file with .rtf format. So, even Redgage doesn’t offer .rtf uploads. wonder, some people even had problems uploading .doc format files. But before i found that out i had already downloaded a file convertor.

Even wordpress has a plug in called Wp file uploader. But i know little how to activate it. So after all that fuss I found Scribd. Scribdsc is a document sharing site that allows users to create PDF, easily publish and share documents with the world. You can embed your Sribd documents into your WordPress blog with a plugin. It is simple and easy to use. Find in the post below a document uploaded with Scribd.

Now after doing a considerable research on this I know what went wrong, I must activate that sharing widget on my blog, isn’t that also a file sharing tool? That’s what it is, we often go in search of treasure we have at our door step. but the journey was worth it. Now, i have a .doc convertor software which i might need sometime, i have discovered this real good site for file sharing and all that it offers ( still to find out which one’s a better option: or Scribd), and of course i have another blog post for the day.

I’ll appreciate your support if you let me know what’s up with this formatting chaos..can’t take this any longer.