studyingPreparing for a competitive examination is lot more than studying diligently. You have to plan your strategy, keep yourself updated on the admission procedures of different colleges, find the score of exams you must sit for and a lot more.

If you are a novice you has just decided to pursue or B.E and don’t know how and where to begin you must do considerable research about the options available to you. This takes a lot of your precious time. But if you have everything at handy, right people to guide you, right places to begin your journey with, right material at one place, it becomes a lot more easy.

This post is a small attempt to bring to use the information and material i collected for my brother who appeared for IIT-JEE and AIEEE 2009. He is now pursuing Mechanical Engineering at NIT Warangal. I was about to delete these files from my unpredictable PC before they evaporate to god knows where that it occurred to me to bring them to some use. This article focuses only on the homework to be done before you decide for the exams you are going to sit for. Many students just sit for IIT-JEE and AIEEE and think it’s over, when it’s not. There are many other Engineering entrance exams you must keep a note of.

2007121150060201Once you have decided to pursue B.Tech/B.E the first thing to look for is the colleges offering it. Fine, we all know about the prestigious IIT’s and the boggling IIT JEE. Same with AIEEE. But there are many good colleges which take their own exam. BITS, VIT, Osmania among others. While there are others like Harcourt Butler which takes students through UPTU. Many students insist on not taking up examinations other than IIT JEE and AIEEE. For simple reason, that most of the good colleges take students through these exams. well, this is not entirely true, there are few good colleges which take their own exam and one mustn’t miss them. Sitting for all the exams is always a better and safer option.

IIT jee

Though there is no dearth of blogs, articles, forums on B.E admissions but the vital thing is to get to the right place without wasting a lot of time. All I have done is put everything in place for you. Hope you find it useful.

1. College ranking.

To find the best colleges offering the subject of your choice the first thing you need to look for is the college ranking. well, you will find the college ranking taken by many magazines like India Today, Forbes, Outlook among others. But the important thing is to find the authentic ones. You cannot rely on the ranking of just one magazine, no matter how authentic the magazine is. The best way is to take ten years ranking from all the important magazines and of course, take the parameters of the ranking, and tally them. Here’s a link to the analysis and survey of the last few years Top T Schools ranking.

College Ranking and student’s impressions-

Data Quest India India’s Top T Schools : Complete Survey.

Outlook India’s Top T Schools

India Today’s ranking of Top T schools.

Other useful links: Though the ranking over the years is more or less consistent, check out the links below for comments from the readers.


college ranking

college ranking

college ranking

2. How to apply.

You’ll find the College ranking all over the place, but you will have to know how to apply for the colleges offering the subject of your choice, the exams you must sit for and other important things.

Well, colleges that take students through IIT-JEE/AIEEE aren’t a great fuss. The question is many people miss out on good colleges which either take students through AIEEE but does not have central counseling (they have their own counseling) and the other colleges which have their own admission tests. This is the area which needs proper research. So, you must know the exams you are sitting for. You might miss a lot of good colleges if you do not know how to get through them.

Here’s my compilation of Institute wise ranking along with admission procedure and important dates.>> 

List of Colleges that take students through AIEEE/CCB Central Counseling.

3. BLOGS related to IIT-JEE/AIEEE

Though the internet is flooding with blogs that will give you the information required. But you can’t be missing these. The bloggers of these blogs are very helpful and responsive. They’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting admission to a good engineering college. You even get to meet students who are, like you, preparing for the same exam, you get to talk to them and discuss issues related to your field. Book mark these blogs. They are very helpful. Visit them and you’ll know.

Ankur Mttal’s blog

Ankur Gupta’s blog


4. A few things you must follow so that you don’t miss out on an exam

a. Subscribe to admission updates on your e-mail or mobile. is a good place.

b. Talk to the students who are studying in the college you are applying for (once you are thorough with the exam and have cleared it).

c. Take a good counseling help from the blogs mentioned above to choose an institute in accordance with your AIR(All India Rank).

Good luck.

PS:  In case, you need more information or just a piece of advice; feel free to leave a message @