Nietzsche said
God is dead
we are now free
to be or not to be.

you madman
with a lantern
oh! you meek
what reality you seek?

you the one who said
ah! god is dead.
from illusion us you wake
for whose sake?

let us believe
in one who relieve
no God am i
nor can be.

let me be
your spiritual tree
with fruits of gold
and future untold.

ah! you god
now you behold
the incarnation, resurrection,
all action in inaction.

i killed him in
the countri-inn
Him I stabbed
with color daubed.

innocent am i?
a victim, a liar
no Ganges can,
no Thames that ran
can wash these hands,
of colored sands,
can dig away the corpse
of my hopes.

God you call me
so let it be
but I Know not
to be or not to be.

© Copyright, Tina Rathore.